Change – The only “Constant” in Life!

If you wait long enough you will find that nothing is as it seems to be.  Life often DaesMWprovides us with twists and turns in our path towards the future that may seem confusing at first but lead us to a “better place”.

My plans to join forces with the Bikram Yoga studio did not work out.  I was then directed to another location in Orange which offers physical fitness Personal Training. Center of Balance has several very qualified personal trainers providing exposure to a large number of people who can benefit from my unique chair and table massage techniques.

Of all the things that have changed there is one thing that has remained consistent – Calling  203.610.5011 to make your next appointment!

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New Beginnings

Bikram Yoga Studio remodeling construction has begun! The expected completion date is early May. This is a really exciting time. The renovation plans are gorgeous! Bob Scinto really knows how to provide a top shelf work environment and has pulled out all the stops on this project. I can’t thank him enough! While the construction is going on I have been allowed to use the Massage Room in the Renaissance  Apartments. The view from the Penthouse is spectacular! To make an appointment call 203.610.5011  Dave

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Thank you for all your support!

Therapeutic massage is a gift that is wonderful for both the recipient as well as the therapist. I wish to extend my sincerest thanks to all the people who have supported Massage Works over the past 16 years. I am disappointed that I had to close, but the economic conditions left me no choice. It is my intent to reopen a smaller office based practice sometime early 2013. I will be updating this website as information becomes available. ALL MASSAGE WORKS GIFT CERTIFICATES WILL BE HONORED AT THE NEW LOCATION!

Thank you again for all your support and may you have a joyous holiday season!


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The End Of An Era

Massage Works began in Trumbull Shopping Park February 1996. In 1998 we moved to Trumbull Center where we were in business until December 2006. We reopened February 2007 at 1055 Huntington Turnpike in Bridgeport and, unfortunately, we will be closing the end of November 2012.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers for supporting Massage Works for these last 16 years. It has been a real pleasure providing massage therapy to all the nice people who have become friends. It is with deep regret that I have come to this decision to close.

People who have GIFT CERTIFICATES are encouraged to use them before November 24, 2012.

Thank you all,

David Quesnette

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Decisions, Decisions: Chair massage or table massage?

Should I have a seated back massage or a full body table massage??? And, what is the difference?

One of the beauties of massage is that it all feels good and is a stress busting investment in your health.

A seated back massage is performed in a specially designed chair where the client sits face-forward. The therapist performs a series of soft tissue techniques that include sports massage, acupressure, and stretches which loosen tight muscles and open joints in the neck, shoulders, and low back.

The advantages of a seated back massage are: it targets the areas where most people carry their tension, it is performed through the clothing without oil or lotion, and there is little preparation time. Seated back massages are performed in 15 or 30 minute sessions. The 30 minute session allows more time to concentrate on problem areas.

A full body table massage is performed in a private room. The client is undressed and covered by a flannel sheet. The therapist uncovers only the area where they will be working, so that the client is never more exposed than they would be wearing a swimsuit. A full body massage is performed using lotion or oil. Each therapist has their own sequence of techniques which vary from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage depending on the need of the client.

The biggest advantage of a full body massage is that it addresses all the tension areas that result from injury, over use, and compensation caused by our bodies protecting injured areas. Full body massages are performed in 60,  90 or 120 minute sessions depending on the needs of the client.

Seated chair massage and full body table massage both are available at Dave’s Massage Works .

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Arnica Montana – Great First Aid

Auto accidents, sports injuries, slips-trips-falls, or just overdoing-it can leave your body traumatized. While an OTC drug such as ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen, or naproxen can offer pain relief, you might consider arnica montana to help your body heal the trauma naturally.

Arnica montana is available in pellet and gel form. The pellets are for sub-lingual internal use, they dissolve under your tongue, while the gels are topical and applied to the skin. Both forms are FDA approved for “muscle aches and stiffness, swelling from injuries, and discoloration from bruising.” The pellets are readily available, from most health food stores including Nature’s Way and Whole Foods

Homeopathic preparations made from arnica come in several strengths or potencies. The lowest potency, 6C, is very fast acting, high intensity with short duration – so it provides more immediate results, but the effects wear off quickly.  The next level is 12C; this tends to have less intensity but longer duration. The highest over the counter potency is 30C which exhibits moderate intensity with very long duration.

The next time you feel the “ouch,” consider a combined healing process using modern drugs, homeopathic solutions, and hands on healing therapeutic massage!

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Play Hard, Have Fun – Like An Olympian — And Let Massage Works TMC Help You Prevent Injury

During the first week of the Olympics, we saw swimmers Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin with just minutes to recover in the diving pool between races, going through their routine, and then win medals in the next race.

Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin

The water polo team said they’d be flushing their bodies to prepare for the next game, to get the lactic acid out of their muscles. And we all know how much training is done, to improve performance and avoid injuries.

Whether you are an elite athlete in the Olympics or just like to have a good time without pain and agony, Dave’s Massage Works knows therapeutic and sports massage can be a beneficial part of your regular exercise routine.

Sure, a therapeutic massage feels good, but it also helps to release tight muscles which speeds muscle-recovery and improves your next performance – whether that next event is moments away, or next weekend. Regular sports massage therapy keeps your muscles in good working order, and helps to prevent injuries when combined with good practices for warming up, stretching, and cool downs.

So get out there, play hard, have fun – and be sure to schedule regular therapeutic massages to keep that body in pain-free motion!

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What? I can’t hear you?

Yet another reason you may want to increase your water intake, to improve your hearing. The body needs water to keep all the connective tissue in good working order, and that includes eardrums. That’s right, lack of water which leads to dehydration can negatively impact your hearing or cause a ringing in the ears like tinnitus.

When you don’t have enough water in your system the eardrum becomes hard and inflexible, very much like cardboard. When that happens, the hardened eardrum can no longer pick up and differentiate frequencies – bringing new meaning to the expression “hard of hearing!”

Of course, your eardrum is just one connective tissue that needs to stay hydrated. Without enough water, the body overheats and begins to shut down – plus you start to get those ugly cellulite fat dimples! Nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and spasms, blurry vision – and lack of hearing – all are symptoms of dehydration. These are just some of the reasons Dave’s Massage Works offers everyone a glass of water – to help all those connective tissues stay hydrated, and make your massage even more effective.

So, find yourself a good source of water and keep it flowing through your system. If your tap water doesn’t measure up, check out filter systems or a good filter pitcher to keep a ready supply of good drinkable water.

Bottoms up!

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Oh that aching back – or is it? Dave is thinking PSOAS!

You know the feeling, your lower back is tight and maybe in a spasm, possibly it wraps around the hip bone area. You can’t move without pain, and sleep is out of the question. It’s a real pain in the back, but it might not be your back. It could be your psoas muscle, in the front.

Oh yes, many a back ache is really a tight psoas muscle. You can see a doctor, get a prescription for muscle relaxers, go to physical therapy – or you could just get a psoas release treatment in less than an hour and be on your way. Of course, some back issues are very serious and require medical attention, but many types of back pain can be relieved by a therapeutic massage.

The psoas is a huge muscle that wraps around each side of your body, following the hip bone; when it tightens up, you are in pain. The simple act of sitting too much, or sleeping in a fetal position, can put your psoas in a knot.

To release a psoas muscle, a licensed therapeutic massage therapist will press deeply in three areas on each side of your abdomen. You also can get some relief from deep lunge stretching, often seen in yoga classes.

So, the next time your back tightens up, think about calling Dave and scheduling a full body massage with a psoas release. If it doesn’t work, you can still see the doctor, get the meds, and sign up for physical therapy three times a week.

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Trying to get rid of unsightly cellulite? Dave suggests a glass of water!

Cellulite, just the mention of if makes people cringe! You can be thin and fit, and still have those little fat dimples. But did you know that simply drinking more water can minimize if not eliminate the dimples? Yes, it’s true!

Dave suggests a glass of water to reduce cellulite!

Cellulite protein builds up in the lipid layer between the skin and muscle when a person is dehydrated or has not had enough water. Without the water, your body and its lymphatic system can’t flush out those proteins, the buildup creates the dimples.

In addition, water makes the skin thicker. This is why you don’t see much cellulite on men, they have thicker skin (not necessarily emotionally) — especially on thighs, hips and derrière!

So, now you have one more reason to enjoy that glass of water after your therapeutic massage – for thirst, hydration, your health, and to diminish any cellulite dimples!

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